Nice beach

The « quartier des Musiciens » is highly influenced from the architecture of the Belle Epoque ( 1890 – 1920).

It’s the area wich is arguably the smartest residential area of Nice. Exclusive by day and calm by night, it’s the preserve of wealthy local families and young professional couples. The bourgeois blocks of buildings are known for their imposing façades, high ceilings and impossibly cute little French elevators.

Around your apartment you can ask the butcher ( rugby player) for his special suggestion of the day, talk to the local baker when you by your baguette and the Italian lady who sells the best tomatos. And of course we don’t have to forget to talk about “le fromager”….the cheese monger who proposes the best cheese in the area. Ask her which one to choose without forgetting to tell her when you will eat it. If you will eat it the same day: the cheese has to be “ bien fait” !